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My Motto Is: Trust

Since my youth I have loved to move, be it dance, gymnastics or yoga.

On my annual trips to India, where I also spent time in ashrams and experienced the deep effects of meditation, among other things, I was given the name Prem Nartana, which means love dancer.

Over the years I have come to understand that it is my dharma, my calling, to pass on movement to people.

The joy is still great and my motivation is to inspire people to discover access to themselves through their bodies. I call it "coming home".

What would we do without our body? The self lives in this body temple!

It is important to me that everyone is allowed to be themselves, that together we create a safe space to move freely and with joy, and that everyone feels welcome.

Through many years of yoga practice, my dance therapy training and my work as a craniosacral therapist, I deepened my understanding and perception of people and their wholeness (body, mind and soul), which supports me in teaching.

I feel deep gratitude every day for being able to do this work.

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